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 Technology & Market Assessment Forums

Technology & Market Assessment Forums (TMAF) are the most highly prized deliverable of the Center, serving as the primary training and education event for gas utility marketing, sales, and customer support representatives from throughout North America. The 2 1/2 day Forum, held 3 times each year, provides participants with actionable information and strategies in the areas of new gas solutions; marketing, sales, and customer outreach; and conservation/efficiency. The choice of speakers and topics ensures that each attendee returns to their company with new and innovative approaches to bringing energy efficient natural gas solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

ESC is pleased to announce that the Summer Technology and Market Assessment Forum and Equipment Manufacturers Exhibit Hall will be June 9-11, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah sponsored by Questar Gas.

Registration will be available soon for the Salt Lake City TMAF !